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Funda Monn

Love is the solution

I have been active my whole life and have tried many different sports and one day yoga came into my life.
Like almost everyone who starts yoga, I had a life crisis and came up with the idea of ​​doing yoga training through YouTube yoga videos. I started a 30-day challenge on YouTube and realized that by practicing yoga daily, something was happening to me and within me. I was much more balanced, my energy levels improved and life suddenly just became more fun. This experience led me to my first yoga training in 2017. This training was the start of a new, wonderful world and many more yoga trainings followed.

Back then, as a mother of two young boys, I didn't have the time or energy to develop myself as a yoga teacher. I practiced passionately for myself every day at home and deepened my own yoga practice, which has helped me with many of my own experiences. I train online 5 times a week with teachers from all over the world and travel abroad a lot for further training. I believe that you can only be a good teacher if you are or were a good student. I love being a student and learning every day.
Yoga didn't change my life overnight. Yoga changed me in every single moment and brought me closer to myself. With my disciplined practice, I have strengthened myself physically and mentally. Yoga is like medicine for my body, mind and soul.

“Those who practice asanas correctly cannot be thrown off balance even by extreme external influences.”

I let go of everything I thought I was. Through yoga I was able to reinvent myself. One of my favorite teachers, Cetin Cetintas, once said:

“Why be something when you have the opportunity to be anything in this world! We are here in this world to gain our experiences and make mistakes and to laugh and learn from these mistakes with joy.

And why exactly yoga?

With yoga I have learned to enjoy the full potential of the moment. And this experience is unique and so valuable to me. Life begins to bloom again! There is a lot of love, trust and mindfulness in every moment. I'm no longer looking for the meaning, but I know that at the moment the whole meaning is in the seeds of the future. I look at the stars and feel the brightness and liveliness of the stars in their full size. I look at the moon and feel myself trusting and deep down I know everything is just right as it is. I flow with the river and get the strength from the river to walk my path with full strength and love.

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