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Reboot Retreat

1st– 7th November for Switzerland & European, Varkala/Kerala India

10th– 17th November Turkish & India, Varkala/Kerala India

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Krishna Tiwari (India)

Krishna Tiwari is an experienced Yoga Teacher of many years from India. He has developed his own unique technique of teaching Yoga. He has trained over 1000 students. His technique is a body-conscious and healthy yoga technique that guides students into every Yoga Asana in a healthy way. 

Ceyda Fatima Saltadal (Turkey)

Ceyda Saltadal is an experienced yoga teacher with many years of experience from Turkey. She teaches various classes such as Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Yin Yoga and Bodydynamic exercises. She gives Yoga with somatic principals training which she mixed yoga with Bodynamic. She does professional family constellations to help people out of their deep-seated suffering and she is also a 280 TTC Teacher in Turkey.

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Funda Moon (Switzerland)

Funda Monn- Birinci is a passionate Yoga practitioner and Yoga Teacher from Switzerland. She loves to share her own Yoga experiences on the mat with her students. She is a Yin Yoga Teacher, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist and Breath coach.

Devvrat (India)

Devvrat is a passionate and experienced Yogateacher over years he is passionate about the the therapeutic aspects of yoga. He approachs incorporates Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation as he looks for solutions to common physical and mental health issues through the practice of yoga. He believes that everyone can benefit from the practice of yoga, regardless of their skill level or experience. He has two Yoga Schools “Devvrat Yoga“ in Varkala.  He trains Yogateacher from everywhere for the 280 TTC and the 300 TTC.

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