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  • 1. How long do I wait after eating before I can do yoga?
    If you can practice in the morning, before you eat, that is ideal, or later in the evening. However, other than those times, we recommend waiting at least 2 hours after you eat before you start your yoga practice. Doing yoga on a full stomach can cause discomfort and even nausea. It also means you’ll have less energy since your body is busy digesting food!
  • 2. Do I have to be flexible to practice yoga?
    Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, lack of flexibility is a good reason to start a regular yoga practice! Besides that, yoga is much more than just stretching. It’s a physical activity that tones, strengthens, calms, and heals the body, mind, and spirit.
  • 3. I’m pregnant. Can I still do yoga?
    Yes you can! It’s important when you’re pregnant to do yoga under the guidance of a prenatal yoga instructor or other expert yoga instructor though. There are yoga poses that pregnant women should avoid, such as inversions and poses where you lie flat on your back.
  • 4. How often should I practice yoga for best results?
    If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting with only 2-3 classes that require more exertion a week (such as Ashtanga, Power, or Vinyasa yoga). However, there are many other types of yoga to try in between, such as restorative yoga, yin yoga, or any of my meditative yoga classes! As you advance in your practice, you may feel strong enough to try more difficult yoga classes more times per week. Either way, you’ll experience the benefits of yoga whether you do it once a week or 7 days a week!
  • 5. Do I need any special equipment to practice yoga?
    While we do recommend the use of a yoga mat, technically, you don’t have to have one. You can practice yoga on any surface you feel is safe and comfortable. Many yogis also have blocks, bolsters, and straps to help them modify poses or go deeper into poses. But those certainly aren’t necessary to reap the benefits of doing yoga.
  • 6. Why do I need a yoga class? Can’t I just do it by myself with a book or video?
    You certainly can do yoga by yourself with the use of a book or video but most yogis (especially inexperienced ones) will agree that this isn’t as safe as practicing yoga with a live teacher. Yoga classes allow your yoga teacher to see how you perform the poses and can make corrections to your alignment or help you make appropriate modifications and adjustments as needed. ALL of our classes are taught live, and you get personalized attention from your yoga instructor, even in group sessions!
  • 7. What kind of clothes do I need to practice yoga?
    Despite what you may see on social media, you do not need a certain kind of clothing, including the ever popular yoga pants or yoga leggings. If you’d like to wear those, however, by all means! The best clothes for yoga are comfortable ones that you can move freely in. You’ll practice barefoot or, if you’d prefer, in yoga socks.
  • 8. What are all the strange terms I hear my yoga teacher saying?
    Many yoga instructors commonly use the Sanskrit words for yoga poses instead of the English translation. This is a good thing! Yoga is ancient and rooted in tradition, and continuing to use and pass on the language is an important part of maintaining the culture of yoga. If you don’t understand something your instructor is saying, please ask!
  • 9. Will yoga get or keep me in shape?
    If you practice regularly and eat healthfully, yes! Absolutely! Just like with any physical activity, you won’t see continued results unless you practice regularly. How you fuel body is also a large part of getting physically and mentally healthy. Yoga can be as strenuous as cardio or as easy as your regular post workout stretch and everything in between. It is definitely possible for yoga to help you lose weight and/or get the body you want.
  • 10. Can I do yoga if I’m injured or have a physical disability?
    Yes, you can! Here, we feel strongly that yoga is for every body. Meaning any body type, shape, size, and all ability levels. Our highly trained and experienced expert yoga teachers from India come packing credentials and tools to help you practice yoga in a way that is safe and works for you!
  • 11. Why should I start practicing yoga anyway?
    A regular yoga practice provides benefits far beyond what any other type of exercise will do! Why? Because yoga is a whole health form of practice. Everything you do in yoga positively affects your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, and the benefits carry over to your life from day to day. Yoga cures things like back pain, joint pain, lowers blood pressure, provides mental clarity and focus, reduces blood sugar, promotes healing, and so much more.
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